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The Best Travel Blogs to Help You Plan Your Next Vacation3 min read

best travel blogs

Travel bloggers provide information about traveling and an idea of the best locations to visit for your next vacation. The challenge is finding the best blogs to help you determine where you want to travel and what to expect from your upcoming trip. By starting with the best travel blogs, you can enjoy learning about the world and setting up your plans for the future.

Top Five Best Travel Blogs



Fshoq! is a travel, lifestyle and photography blog that gives you an interesting view of the world. You can follow the photography area of the blog to see amazing photos of interesting locations and to learn useful skills that you take with you on a trip. The travel blog portion of the blogging website helps you prepare for a trip, get inspired for your next vacation or learn about the best places to visit in foreign lands. It helps you put your travel plans together and enjoy a fun excursion without wasting time on fruitless searching during your trip. You can also enjoy the lifestyle portion of the blog to learn ways to stay healthy while you travel to an interesting destination.

A Broken Backpack

If you want an idea of traveling without a filter, then A Broken Backpack is the blog to read. The blogger goes out of her way to tell you the unvarnished truth about her adventures and the interesting places she visits. She also explores the world in an unconventional way, which allows you to see the travel experience from an unexpected perspective.


Migrationology is the right blog if you want to know about local cuisines and local cultures. The blogger focuses on the foods in a specific country and highlights the history of the region from the perspective of the cuisines. The blog provides an interesting view of the world that starts at the stomach and reaches into the heart of the travel experience.

Scandinavia Standard

Individuals interested in the Scandinavian region of the world, including countries like Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Iceland, will find the Scandinavia Standard blog to fit their area of interest. The travel blog specifically focuses on a particular region of the world and the interesting cultures found in the countries. Whether you want to learn about the culture in Norway, you want to know a few quirky details about the region or you are looking for the best places to visit in Scandinavian countries, you will find the information on this blog.

Lost With Purpose

Lost With Purpose is a travel blog that explores unexpected locations throughout the world. The bloggers bring insight into unknown or lesser-known regions of the world and particularly focus on areas with limited opportunities for foreign visitors. They give an insightful account of the regions and tell vivid stories about their experiences in the unexpected locations.


Traveling is a fun activity that gives you a sense of the world. By reading the best blogs about traveling, you get an idea of the culture, history, and experiences you can expect when exploring a new location.


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