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The Top Five Outdoor Activities for a European Trip3 min read

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Europe is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Between the mountains, gorgeous lakes and rivers, discover the charming European countryside with various activities while staying in holiday rentals, campings or RV. For nature lovers, enjoy a serene hike or sailing trip. For those with an adventurous and thrill-seeking side, discover routes for ice climbing, white water rafting or dog sledding. As long as you love being in the fresh air, check out these European outdoor activities.

Top Outdoor Activities to Try in Europe



Sailing on the Mediterranean

Board a quaint little sailboat and cruise along the brilliantly blue Mediterranean Sea. Stop off the coast to savor the views. Enjoy water sports such as swimming in the glittering water or snorkeling. Take advantage or the clear water which offers breathtaking visibility of beautiful and exotically colored fish and sea creatures. Take some wine to drink while you sunbathe on the deck.

Bike riding in Amsterdam

Riding a bike in Amsterdam is the best way to see the city, which was created for outdoor activities like cycling. Bicycling is the most popular form of transport for the Dutch and the city offers great bike paths that are ideal and safe. Renting apartments in Amsterdam with a bike or participating in a guided biking tour is a great way to see the city like a local. Cycle around the network of canals and cobbled streets to visit the wonderful city.

Hiking in Scotland

Tour the rolling hills and lush, green farmland of the Lowlands in one of the most classic outdoor activities. Wander the mystical Scottish Highlands which are surrounded by mountains, moors, lochs, and cliffs. Enjoy the fresh sea breeze and picturesque landscapes. Pack a picnic for a nice lunch while watching out for the Lochness Monster. After a nice hike, head to a local pub for a refreshing pint of Scottish beer or ale.

Glacier Hiking in Iceland

Strap on your clamp-ons and trek across ice ridges and crevasses with a guide to get a full glance of Iceland’s magnificence. Nature lovers will enjoy this unique opportunity to see the ever-changing, frozen landscape. Follow your expert guide and walk across ice formations and pass waterfalls along the way. Try your hand at ice climbing up a glacier. Use an ax and skillful footwork to pull yourself up to the top. From the peak, you will have picturesque views of the rugged, ice formations.

Dog Sledding to the Northern Lights in Sweden

Hang on tight and enjoy an exciting dog sled ride through the snowy countryside in Sweden. After an exhilarating ride away from the city, if you’ve timed it right, you can catch the Northern Lights or aurora borealis as it is known. At night you can enjoy the magnificent show that is the Northern Lights. Sit and watch as the dazzling green lights dance across the sky. Seeing the legendary Northern Lights is an experience you will never forget.

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