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Tips and Tricks on RV Camping with Cats3 min read

You call your RV something of a second home, but what’s a home without your furry family?

If Mr. Whiskers is an outdoor kitty, this may be an impossible venture. You can’t really expect your freedom feline to acclimate to the confines of an enclosed motor vehicle. But if your cat is more used to the cushy indoor life, then there is little reason that Sir Meowington can’t be your camping companion on your RV journey. All you need it a little know-how and preparation.

Before heading out on your great adventure, be sure to prepare your new home for feline comfort. Start by setting up various nooks and crannies with soft bedding for your kitties to snuggle up in. They love to be up high any many campers find that tall cabinets work quite well for cozy areas (if you can spare the space). These little hideaways will help Snowball feel safe, especially while the RV is in motion.

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While you’re setting things up, find a good permanent place for the litter box. You don’t want any accidents to happen because someone couldn’t find the potty in time. The shower/tub area can be a decent spot, just be sure to block the drain so that loose litter doesn’t clog your plumbing.

If you can, try to live in the RV with your cat for at least a month before hitting the road. This can help everyone acclimate to the new space before travel gets hectic.

Seasoned campers recommend Feliway, Bach’s Rescue Remedy and products with L-Theanine to help calm your cat during the stress of moving homes, and the stress of a physically moving home. These are all non-pharmaceutical stress remedies, natural oils or synthetic pheromones, so they’re a less intense than out-right drugging Furball. Feliway is especially calming and can be sprayed around the RV in advance.

The most effective thing to keep kitty happy is keeping a routine wherever possible. Try to maintain sleeping, feeding, and playing schedules. Cats, like many humans, are creatures of habit. Provide plenty of entertainment by rotating out new toys for more stimulating bonding sessions. Some campers have even had luck with kitty harnesses for stimulating campground walks (yeah, seriously!) Just make sure that it’s cool with the campsite first.

Enjoy your quality travel time with Ms. McNugget! Don’t forget to snap lots of photos and send them to us on Twitter and Instagram.


Last-Minute Tips:

  • Secure your felines every time before moving slides in or out. Let’s avoid any tragic accidents!
  • Keep comprehensive and up-to-date vet records with you so that no matter where you are Fluffy can visit the doctor.

Don’t forget to keep a water bowl available to your pets — traveling is thirsty work!

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One thought on “Tips and Tricks on RV Camping with Cats

  1. We traveled with our two cats full time for 4 years and now take them along on our 5 month RV trips to the Southwest. They enjoy watching wildlife and people from the many windows and go for occasional walks on a harness. I like your tip of having several places for kitty to hide/nap. Ours occasionally like to be alone and will climb behind the couch or up on a shelf above the bed. One thing that we were thrilled to discover is the Breeze kitty litter system which uses pellets and a pad in a drawer underneath. We carry two boxes for two cats and have totally eliminated having litter tracked everywhere.

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