Success Stories from Our Campground Customers

Everflowing Waters Campground

Location: Williamsburg, Michigan
Manager: Dennis


Located just 9 miles from Traverse City is the beautiful Everflowing Waters Campground, popular for its greenery, calming creek and breathtaking onsite scenery. Dennis manages the the park and has enjoyed using RoverPass as his primary reservation system, especially because of its credit card capability and ease of use.

It works for me never having a credit card system in place. Convenient & the support is great. It’s about time there is a reservation program in place just for the camping industry.

Since using RoverPass, Dennis has seen an increase in his bookings from 5 to 11 per week, doubling revenue. During the park’s busier months, Dennis reported that it’s nice to have a reservation card already filled out and prepaid.

All we do is have them check the information that has been furnished by RoverPass, sign the card and we can proceed to the camp site. How easy is that?

– Dennis, Everflowing Waters Campground

Red ledge RV Park

Location: Kanarraville, Utah
Manager: Gail


Red Ledge RV Park is known for its quaint, clean onsite layout and friendly staff, drawing in RVers who are heading to sites like the Shakespearan Festival, the Dixie National Forest and Bryce Canyon. Gail reported a positive experience with RoverPass, giving the reservation system 5 stars and making it quite easy to access and process reservations.

“Roverpass made my job a little easier.”

– Gail, Red Ledge RV Park

Waco RV Park

Location: Waco, TX
Manager: Margaret

The Waco RV Park welcomes campers daily with its hospitable staff, well-managed park and gorgeous natural setting, and owners Margaret and Paul are pleased to offer out of town visitors are cozy place to camp in Waco, Texas. Aside from its full list of amenities, the campground is also know for its closeness to local sites like the McLane Stadium, downtown Waco and the Magnolia Silos.

Margaret has been pleased for the additional business she’s seen since getting the RoverPass free booking service, and is also pleased with other features of the system.

“I am happy with the additional business, easy direct deposits, the information included in the reservation requests, the quality of campers they refer, the website and exposure, and most of all the personal customer service.”

She also reported being impressed by the fact that RoverPass has hundreds of accounts but even though her park is small park, she gets to talk to real people who work to solve problems in a professional and courteous manner. She recalls having an opportunity to walk though all aspects of the service as often as she needed the help and appreciated the staff’s patience and helpfulness.

“I have never felt that they had a cookie cutter approach but instead that they want to provide what our Park specifically needs in a timely manner.”

For the excellent results and more bookings she’s noted since started with RoverPass, she’s awarded the reservations platform a 5-star rating.

– Margaret, Waco RV Park

Outdoor Resorts Melbourne Beach

Location: Melbourne Beach, FL
Manager: Connie

Outdoor Resorts Melbourne Beach Front Entrance

Outdoor Resorts is a popular spot for an island-styled camping vacation on the coast of Melbourne Beach, Florida and has used RoverPass as their reservations platform since April, 2017. The campground is popular for nearby attractions like Spessard Holland Beach Park, the park’s hospitality and excellent onsite facilities, but is also known for it’s easy booking process thanks to its partnership with

Adding RoverPass to its reservations system increased bookings by 28%

Before using the RoverPass platform, Connie and her staff only took reservations by phone, which limited them to only the reservations that came in during regular office hours. Now, the staff can receive booking requests and accept them throughout each day and even after hours, using the RoverPass platform to help keep the park full each week.

The staff also continues to accept reservations by phone, but adding RoverPass to its reservations system increased bookings by 28%, resulting in what Connie calls “one of our better summers in the past many years. We are happy!” Connie is thrilled “with the increase in summer business” and is pleased with the system’s ease of use. Reporting it as “easy,” she appreciates that she can access new bookings on her phone and that all of the RVer’s information is available all in place, and presented in a very straightforward way.

“One of our better summers in the past many years. We are happy!”

Apart from making it easier to accept new reservations, Outdoor Resorts has benefited greatly from RoverPass’ free website service. Partners are offered a free website upon sign up, that allows RVers to book their sites, find out information about the park and view photos.

“We have had a great experience with RoverPass! Have been thrilled with the service since the start; the team has bent over backwards for us- can’t say enough good things!

– Connie, Outdoor Resorts Melbourne Beach

Three Springs Campground

Location: Corinth, KY
Manager: Rachael

Three Springs Campground in Corinth, KY

Three Springs Campground is a family-friendly campground with an emphasis on healthy outdoor activities within the diverse natural landscape of Corinth, Kentucky. Here’s their experience with RoverPass.

Pleased from day one with RoverPass’ promptness and sense of urgency in responding to her questions and needs – issues are quickly resolved no matter their complexity.

Before starting with RoverPass, owner Rachael Poole and her staff took reservations by phone, and also used CampNative to accept reservations. However, Rachael was quickly disappointed with CampNative’s lack of promptness in updating her park’s listing information. With this booking service provider, she experienced frequent delays in service when her park’s pricing needing updating. Additionally, she didn’t like not having access to her listing.

When using the RoverPass booking system, Rachael is most impressed with it’s ease of use.

In contrast, she has been pleased from day one with RoverPass’ promptness and sense of urgency in responding to her questions and needs – issues are quickly resolved no matter their complexity. Rachael also enjoys having access to her park’s listing on, where she can make seasonal or everyday changes to her listing, and ensure that RVers have the most up-to-date information about her park.

When using the RoverPass booking system, Rachael is most impressed with it’s ease of use. When she receives booking requests, everyone wins since all of the camper’s information goes right to her mobile phone, and her RoverPass reservations match up exactly with her park’s details and pricing. It’s no wonder the booking system is her favorite part of the RoverPass suite of free campground services. Reviewing and accepting incoming reservation requests is very simple, and her staff finds using the dashboard quicker than taking a reservation over the phone. Additionally, she finds it easy and very simple to break down reservation requests.

Since using RoverPass, Rachael has seen a 15% increase in reservations, and in response to her successes, has used her park’s telephone voicemail to direct people to her website and her RoverPass Book Now button. She reports that encouraging people to book online makes it easier for her to accept reservations, and she gets fewer questions and problems from customers looking to book her sites. According to her and her staff, “RoverPass has made it easier for RVers to leave reviews; they’re more responsive.”

“Not only do we stay 110% full most days, but our vacation rentals are also staying booked too! They have provided us with a free way to advertise our park, all while providing us with fantastic customer service!”

Rachael has also reported phenomenal successes with customer reviews, seeing a 10% increase in customer feedback with RoverPass, compared with when she used sites like Google Plus, FaceBook and her website. Rachael reported that she is extremely happy with my experience with the RoverPass Reservation System and loves the way it’s going.

Finally, Three Springs Campground on a whole benefits from RoverPass’ customer service with no query going unanswered. “Their customer service is great, we definitely like the quick response.”

– Rachael, Three Springs Campground

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