Case Study
Case Study: How RoverPass Helped Open Ted and Tracy’s RV Campground with Immediate (and Continued!) Success

Case Study: How RoverPass Helped Open Ted and Tracy’s RV Campground with Immediate (and Continued!) Success

Todd and Stacy Lewer are the proud owners of Ted and Tracy’s RV Campground, a quaint campground nestled in the diverse ranges of Georgia. The dynamic duo are no strangers to the vacation rental industry and opened Ted & Tracy’s in the summer of 2022 with immediate success. With both Todd and Stacy having full-time jobs outside the park and no extra staff to help, how have the Lewers already been able to fill up their reservations calendar and create an outstanding experience for their guests?

Only nine miles from Washington, Georgia, Ted and Tracy’s RV Campground sits amongst a lush hardwood forest spanning an expansive 39 acres of land. With the Upton Creek meandering throughout the property, this “slice of Heaven” creates an opportune dreamscape as visitors soak in the ambiance of nature’s beauty, whether trekking on a hike or simply relaxing.

Featuring 23 full hookup, back-in sites for any size RV up to 45 feet, an Airbnb Jayco RV for rent, 12 creekside tent sites, and one group camping site that accommodates up to four tents, Ted & Tracy’s has something for just about any style of camper—including families, visitors from the nearby military base, and local laborers—some who stay for weeks or months at a time.

Ted & Tracy's RV Campground

It Took a Lot of Work to Turn the Dream into a Reality, and RoverPass Was There to Help!

The original vision for the property was to offer cottage rentals; however, the Lewers quickly realized there was a better investment opportunity in creating an RV park—especially once they realized there was real demand for a unique property like their’s in the area. Ted & Tracy’s RV Campground, lovingly named for Todd and Stacy’s nicknames, opened in July of 2022. In their first 30 days, Ted & Tracy’s RV Campground booked 26 reservations using RoverPass. How did they do it? Well, Todd and Stacy knew that using the traditional pen and paper for taking reservations was out of the equation.

“I am amazed at how many people are still using pen and paper to make their reservations,” Stacy remarked. “Why would you want to hold all that in your head? With software, it’s so simple.” -Stacy

Todd and Stacy have learned a thing or two from their experiences managing rental properties in the past. This time, their expectations for a new reservation management system and the support team that would come with it were high. And after countless hours sorting through the many systems out there, the Lewers found exactly what they were looking for with RoverPass and scheduled a demo with the team.

The Path to Success Begins with RoverPass’ Reservation System

Ted & Tracy's Upton CreekDuring their search, Todd and Stacy looked for a reservation system they could access from anywhere. They both work jobs outside the campground and needed to run operations from wherever they were located. That led them to RoverPass, a cloud-based solution that had all the tools they needed to run their campground.

When they opened their doors in the summer, the real test began on whether RoverPass could keep up and deliver what was promised. Todd was amazed how quickly the payments they received were transferred into their bank account. “I’m thrilled with our decision,” Todd said, as RoverPass’ direct deposit payment setup allows payments to begin processing the next business day. With excitement in his voice, he continued, “And this booking that came in yesterday – Stacy had the reservations done in three to five minutes! Two bookings, $300 each. And that money will be in the bank on Thursday!”

“…Using RoverPass, we’ve confirmed that the system we picked is awesome,” said Stacy. “And the more that we use it, the more we see how easy it is.”

Big Plans Lie Ahead for the Property and Its Guests

Ted & Tracy’s RV Campground may not have been open long, but the Lewers have already expanded by adding a 20′ x 30′ pavilion with plans to house a griddle and recteq wood pellet grills for their guests to use. They’ll soon have pellets and fuel in stock at the campground for purchase.

However, their most ambitious plan is to add a treehouse and several glamping sites to provide guests with a richer accommodation selection. And be on the lookout for Ted & Tracy’s merch! They’ll soon be selling branded t-shirts, hats, and more to help visitors seal the memory of an immaculate getaway. Of course, guests can access all of these items conveniently in their accounts via RoverPass’ Online General Store feature.


The RoverPass Customer Support Team Is Always by Your Side

The Lewers told us that even when construction delayed the opening of the campground, Daiana, the Lewers’ onboarding specialist, was there to assist in keeping the momentum moving forward. Not only was Daiana always available with answers, she also empowered and guided the Lewers to becoming RoverPass software experts themselves.

While getting help from our support team, Todd recalls being encouraged by Daiana and comforted by the fact that the system works for him. “As an owner you are always in control,” Daiana affirmed.

“The reservations were coming in fast and we were both kind of a little on edge, to where we’re like, we’ve had our training, guests want to book now,” Todd remembered. “But now we’re in control of the reservations…we can do it… and now we’ve done 15 plus!”

RoverPass’ Variety of Powerful Features Ensure a Smoothly-Run Campground

The Lewers love that the system is much more than just a reservations calendar. They mentioned several of their favorite features that helped make their campground a success from day one. “I really like the multiple payments option because we receive guests that are here for months and I can go right in and [set up] multiple payments – it’s so easy,” said Stacy.

Todd & Stacy Lewer

Todd and Stacy also added a free Interactive Site Map to their listing. With a map, campers are able to view the layout of their campground and select a specific site they’d like to book.

Additionally, since the Lewers have a permanent RV that can be rented out to travelers, they were perfect candidates for RoverPass’ Channel Management feature. Using the channel manager, the Lewers could have listings on both RoverPass and Airbnb with every reservation automatically syncing across both platforms for a seamless integration.

By having multiple listings, the Lewers receive extra visibility on additional booking platforms including Expedia and! With Channel Management, The Lewers are equipped to receive more reservations without having to manage multiple platforms or worry about double bookings.

Cheers to the Road Ahead

Overall, Todd and Stacy said they couldn’t be more happy with their decision to invest in RoverPass’ reservation management system. They are thrilled to be RoverPass “cheerleaders,” as Todd proclaims. Helping them open their campground and fill it with more and more happy guests is exactly what we strive for here at RoverPass. Todd summed it up perfectly:

“We pulled in today and [the sites] are just filling up, right in line. The RVs look so beautiful in the woods, and it just makes us so proud.”

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