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How We Stay in Touch While RVing7 min read

Full-time RVer, Diann, shares her favorite ways to communicate with friends and family on the road. Find new ways to stay in touch while RVing!

It has never been easier for people to travel and live in RV’s than right now. As a former travel and tourism industry professional, I learned from my past work experience the ease of keeping up with family and friends from the road.

The modes of communication have changed quickly, especially over the past decade. So many options exist out there, but these are a few of our favorite ways to stay in touch while RVing.

 stay in touch while RVing


While we don’t do it regularly, we have taken the time to write a letter or send a postcard to family members to let them know where we are. Writing letters is a lost art, and I’m sorry I don’t spend more time personalizing messages to friends and family. I feel like it’s time to change that and make a greater effort.


I’m also in the process of making personalized cards from my photographs, which I’ve done in the past, by using Shutterfly. Sharing your personal photographs by sending a card in the mail and telling the story of the photo truly is a special gift for those who receive them. 


I’m sure there may be some RVers out there who don’t have email but I haven’t met them yet. While letter writing is a very different feel than email, sharing your adventures with family and friends through email is always a great method of communication. We write a significant amount of emails, including visiting with businesses regarding bills, medical, or other personal messages. A bonus of using email is that you can keep a record of your conversation if you need it in the future. You can also attach photographs and documents to your email, making it easier to send stories.

how we stay in touch while RVing

Smart Phone

We both have iPhones and we’re always texting or calling family and friends to keep up with them and to let them know where we are. In fact, this week we called family members from the Grand Canyon and used FaceTime and let them see what we were seeing. It’s not the same as being there, but they enjoyed living somewhat vicariously through us in real-time. Others use Skype but I, personally prefer FaceTime.


If you’ve followed my post in the past on RoverPass, you’ve learned I have a blog, www.eccentricnomads.com. I share our adventures on the blog as we travel. Some may find it a bit intimidating, but it’s really pretty easy to do. I use the WordPress platform and find it to be pretty self-explanatory. I’ve also used Blogger in the past and it’s equally easy to create your own travel blog. Even if you’re not looking to blow up the internet with followers, a blog provides you with a diary of your experience on the road.

Social Media

Just a few years ago, we didn’t have the ability to like, follow, share, tweet, tag, message, comment, or pin our communications. We take full advantage of social media and post about our trips. Some people may prefer more privacy and not letting Joe Public know where you are.

  • Facebook – I love visiting with friends on Facebook, not only about our travels, but to talk about what’s going on with them. I’ve also joined a number of RV groups and learned extremely helpful tips from Q&A’s posted on those groups.
  • Twitter – There aren’t many big Twitter fans, but I really enjoy it. I follow hashtags on topics I’m interested in and read through those in my spare time. Because we’re full-time RVers and neither of us is working full-time, we do have plenty of spare time. Some of my family and friends are followers on my Twitter account, but I’ve had other RVers follow me and comment about my adventures. Some RV-related businesses also followed me so I follow them back and have learned about their businesses and what they have to offer us should we need anything while on the road.
  • Instagram – Since I photograph our life on the road, I post a number of photos on Instagram. It’s one of my favorite ways to share photography on the road. As an added bonus, I’m able to link my Facebook, Twitter, Flickr (a photography site), and several other accounts and post once rather than a number of times. I also try to check in or share my location so people can see where we are.
  • Pinterest – I don’t use Pinterest that often, but one area I found useful is creating folders to put my photos in along the way. I create folders for various travel destinations, allowing me to organize my photos online. As an added bonus, I’ve also created folders based on other’s posts that are RV related. They include RV Cooking, Crockpot recipes, RV tips, etc.

I hope these tips help you to communicate with your family and friends while you’re on the road. RV living is a very different experience, so giving friends and family an idea of how things are going with you gives them the opportunity to see what the RV lifestyle is like.

If you aren’t sure how to use some of these platforms, it’s easy to do a search on the internet to learn more. While I know many parks don’t offer the best internet connections, which we’ve experienced a few times, you can always create posts and share them at a later time, when the connection is better.

Safe travels!

Diann Bayes - Full-Time RV TipsArticle by Diann Bayes 

Diann is a full-time RVer who runs the travel blog, Eccentric Nomads. Catch her weekly series of inside tips and advice for first-time RVers here on the RoverPass blog.


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