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RVer True Stories from RV Humor Facebook Group5 min read

RVer true stories from RV humor facebook group

RVer True Stories from RV Humor Facebook Group

We had multiple RVer true stories from RV humor facebook group so last month we hosted a true story contest with the RV Humor Facebook group! The group is a private social network for RVers who enjoy sharing funny stories and jokes with each other. These are RVer true stories from RV humor facebook group. Our contest asked members to share funny or true stories, and the top three winners would be awarded a $50 Amazon gift card and two free year long discount club memberships! See the winning stories below:


Kevin Michael

When i was a kid, every spring, middle of May, my Dad and group of his work buddies would go on a canoe trip and those with kids ( sons) old enough came along as well ( this was me, my sisters were mad ! ). We would go to the Ozarks and float the Current and Jacks Fork rivers. we stayed at various campgrounds, usually tent camping, one year a fellow did have a Winnebago ( a treat when you’re 10-14yo ). It was a ” Guys Weekend” we did guy stuff, the older guys of course had their beer and liquor, nobody really got stupid. just a good time, big fires and lots of good food. Being that we were in early mid spring, we were usually on river as it was coming down from spring thaw, and you could see the high water marks from spring flooding. The trees had already leafed and there were many branches that had been under water during high water. this left clumps of dead leaves right about head height along the banks and over the water. Our canoe held Dad, and one of his buddies, and I got center position. The conversation had turned to how the clumps of leaves would make good nests for various animals. Snakes, bats, Blah blah blah, I was dozing off, next thing I hear HORNETS !!! , Splash !!! I was out and about 20ft from the canoe, treading water. My Dad was laughing his butt off, as was the guy up from ( Ron was his name I think ) Dad says ” what are you doing out there ? ” FREEZING !! water was cold ! and I wasn’t real sure why I had jumped out. self preservation was probably part of it. Years later having seen some of the guys on those trips, it still gets brought up. I haven’t seen most of them for over 30 years, I miss the trips and the fun. my wife doesn’t like canoes, and my daughter is just old enough to maybe get into it. We still camp several times a year.


Jim Smoot

In the early seventies I was in the Navy and stationed in Scotland. We had a VW camper and liked to explore the Highlands of Scotland. Back then you could camp in rock quarries or just about any place. One trip it was pitch black before we found a place to camp and pulled off for the night. The wind was blowing and it was rocking the van all night. Next morning nature called so I stepped outside to answer the call. We were parked on a cliff and straight down about 100 feet to water. Scared us enough to be carefull next time.
Another time we were way up on the north west coast of The Highlands and camped on a beautiful inlet sheltered from the wind. I planned to fish the next morning. I got up early ate breakfast and got my gear ready. Walked over a small rise leading to the water and it was dry. The huge tides lead to no water in the inlet.


Debbie Matuszewski

The very first pop-up camper we ever had was a Steury,I think a 1968. The very first time we took it camping, we were the highlight at the campground. First of all, it had a completely striped canvas. It stuck out like a circus wagon. When we were setting it up, it had the old type of lift, called 2-3 people lifting up each side manually. Of course when you were thankful you got one side up, the other side of the camper fell back down. LOL We did have a secret audience. Secret because noone wanted to be a help volunteer and be part of this act. LOL. Next getting inside. We forgot to set down the ground stands so that was an embarrassing show, as we were looking like a see-saw. LOL We were hoping noone seen us as we came outside. We always found the camper no matter where we went, like a spot light overhead! We sold that camper cheap, and never said just why! We hope you enjoyed these RVer true stories from RV humor facebook group.


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