Case Study

Case Study: Westgate RV Park2 min read

Cam Cornett uses RoverPass to run an organized hotel and campground and increase reservations year over year.

  • Park Name: Westgate RV Park
  • Location: London, KY
  • Using RoverPass since: September 2016
  • Results: 16% increase in reservations

For as long as he can remember, Cam Cornett, owner of the Westgate RV Park, has been working to make sure everything at his park is running as efficient as possible. From cleaning the property as a child, to taking ownership from his parents in 2012, you can say it’s his life’s work.

“That has always been pretty much my goal […] just to make everything work as smooth as a tabletop,” said the 54-year-old business owner. “I’ve always worked here, i’ve just worn different hats. […] It’s really the only life I’ve known.”

It is this dedication to efficiency and ease that brought the Cornetts to RoverPass. Cam says that the RoverPass Reservation Management System helps him keep everything running as smooth as possible.

“It’s very simple to use. The clerk will log in to check it, and then that’s it, we have the information and then the people show up.” Cam said, “The check-in is smooth and basically seamless, and then we get paid electronically. It goes into the account and then that’s it.”

With RoverPass taking care of the online reservations and payments, Cam has some more time enjoying the things he likes. Like cruising the Kentucky highways or enjoying lakes days with the family.

“I have a street motorcycle- sometimes I ride that, you know you just kinda unwind” Cam said, “[…] and then sometimes we go to the family with the lake on the pontoon boat!”

But the time to unwind is not the only thing increasing for the Cornett family. Cam tells us that managing online reservations with RoverPass has not only made the process easier, it’s brought more in!

“We are definitely receiving more reservations this year versus last year,” Cam said, “This year’s been good with the campsites, this year’s been good.”

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The RoverPass Reservation Management System is built to help you save time and money with cloud-based reservation management software. Accept reservations online, over the phone, or in-person and track your availability in one central system.