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RoverPass Profile: Alvord Hot Springs5 min read

Paul Davis and Rebecca Chambers use RoverPass to run an organized hot springs and campground, allowing them to maintain the integrity of their land.

    • Park Name: Alvord Hot Springs
    • Location: Princeton, OR
    • Using RoverPass since: May 2019
    • Results: 15% less time spent managing reservations

Hours away from the nearest Oregon town lies a special section of the Alvord Desert, where the great desert plains meet the mighty Steens Mountain. Sitting where these two beautiful land masses meet, you’ll find Alvord Hot Springs LLC, operated by lifelong owner Paul Davis. Since the 1970s the Davis family has cared for and looked over the Alvord Desert valley.

“It’s a beautiful piece of country,” Paul said. “You got the Steens Mountain that’s a beautiful mountain. You got the lake bed that’s neat and awesome to go play around on [and] lots of things to offer besides just the hot springs.”


The Steinway piano used by Noack for the outdoor concert at a previous In A Landscape event at Avord Desert. Courtesy of Hunter Noack.


In making use of this utopic site, for the last three years Paul has welcomed traveling musician Hunter Noack, to host the outdoor classical concert, IN A LANDSCAPE: Classical Music in the Wild. Traveling with a nine-foot Steinway piano, Noack performs classical virtuosic arrangements while attendees explore the Alvord Desert valley.

Thanks to the efforts of Paul and his family, this land has remained a safe haven from civilization for decades. For much of the park’s early years the Davis family would welcome travelers to stay and use the hot springs for free, but as the demand grew, Paul and his family added campsites and opened the park as Alvord Hot Springs LLC back in 2012. As of this summer, and thanks to RoverPass, they now offer the convenience of online reservations.


Sunrise at the springs. Courtesy of Alvord Hot Springs.


“Civilization’s not here yet, and while I wish it wasn’t, it’s coming, and you should learn how to manage it,” Paul said. “Things will change, but that’s what makes the hot springs so appealing to people as it does for me, is the remoteness of being out here. The new generation seems like they want to do things online. I’m old school, I’d rather you just call me, but that’s not the way the world works so much.”

Since the inception of the formal park, Paul, along with his family friend and business partner Rebecca Chambers, have been battling with the challenge of growing the park responsibly, as to maintain the integrity of the land.


Night and day meet at the intersection of desert and mountain. Courtesy of Alvord Hot Springs.


“We have a certain look and feel down there at the hot springs and we want to keep that,” Rebecca said, who has been in charge of the park’s marketing since its official opening. “We just don’t want it to get to the point where it’s overrun and I think we’re succeeding in keeping that balance.”

Just earlier this year, to help them manage this growth, Paul and Rebecca took to RoverPass to help them with keeping the books. They say now that they have the RoverPass system, Rebecca can handle much more of the business side while working remotely, where as before she only handled the marketing.


For generations, the springs have welcomed travelers from far and wide. Courtesy of Alvord Hot Springs.


“Alvord is my second job, I actually am a graphic designer and promoter,” Rebecca said. “This is something I kind of do on the side to help Paul. [With RoverPass] I don’t have to field as many questions about — is there something available on such and such day — because they can go online, register and then I interact with them that way. So for me it’s freed up a significant amount of time and shortened my response times to the clients.”

From this revival made possible by RoverPass, Paul says he can now truly focus on the things that truly matter to him, maintaining the precious gem that is the Alvord Desert valley.

“With this job, you can start it earlier as you want, anytime you step out the door of the house, there’s always something to do.” Paul said. “If you feel like you can run this place and put four hours in every day and the guy in the mirror looking back at you and says, ‘Yep, we can do it’. Well then I guess that’s what it is… but that guy in the mirror tells me I’d better work a little harder every day.”

Courtesy of Alvord Hot Springs.
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