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RoverPass Bookings Surge Ahead of Summer Camping Season2 min read

RoverPass Bookings Surge Ahead of Summer Camping Season

RoverPass Bookings Surge Ahead of Summer Camping Season

RoverPass, the premier provider of Reservation Management System software, for campgrounds and RV parks, announced today a massive surge in bookings starting in May, amidst all of the uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are happy to see that RoverPass bookings surge ahead of summer camping season.

Though the story for April was cancellations, recent data shows May with a 428% increase in bookings, month over month, and a 35% increase year over year.

“What we’re seeing is that our industry is rebounding at a remarkable rate,” said RoverPass CEO, Ravi Parikh. “By the end of April, we saw a huge increase in web traffic. These are folks searching for accommodations on our directory of over 16,000 campgrounds. We expected a trend like this as camping in general makes for an easy and safe alternative to other forms of lodging,” said Parikh.

A recent survey among campers who’ve used the RoverPass system to book their campsites revealed that 75% of respondents are extremely motivated to get back to camping after all the quarantining. This could be part of why RoverPass bookings surge ahead of summer camping season, and the same survey also shows that 55% of respondents feel extremely safe to get back to camping and nearly 60% are planning to do so immediately.

The online booking provider represents 500 RV parks and campgrounds across the nation, so the figures tell an optimistic story for the outdoor hospitality industry in general. While other travel sectors remain at a standstill, the camping industry as a whole is enjoying a large uptick in travelers.

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