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The Top 5 Healthy Eating Tips During Your Fall Road Trip3 min read

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While the summer may be officially over, there’s still plenty of time to go on a road trip or two and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather.  And of course, that means picking up some snacks and munchies for the road.  Rather than go for the typical chips, crackers, and assorted candies, why not make it healthy?  Here are the most important healthy eating tips that are sure to satisfy all those high-speed cravings.

Top Healthy Eating Tips for Your Raod Trip

Veggies and Fruits

Whether your favorite food store Is the local chain grocery or a more health-oriented shop, there’s plenty of options for some already-prepared fruit and vegetable snacks.  They come in both large and small sizes,  and can easily be kept fresh in a small cold pack.  Look for them in the fresh food section, or sometimes the deli.

The great thing about going the veggie and fruit snack route is that you won’t have to douse the salt found in baked snacks with water or a drink.  They’re full of natural goodness and a healthy dose of water, too.

Nuts and Dried Fruits

If dealing with fresh (and yes sometimes juicy) items is just not convenient enough for you, go for some nuts and dried fruits.  Depending on the variety you like, nuts are full of fiber, protein, and carbs.  With the dried fruits, you’ll get most of the goodness of fresh fruit with less mess.  But watch out for dried fruits that have been processed with a ton of sugar!  You’ll want fruit that is dried and processed without the use of sugar as a preservative.

Healthy Drinks

Yes, the best drink is still water.  But if you must have some flavor in your drink, go with a healthy alternative to sodas.  Consider pomegranate or green tea, but again avoid added sugars.  Better yet, throw in both water and one of those.  Quench your thirst with water while snacking, and use the pomegranate or green tea in between.

Think of your road trip like this:  You treat your car well so it won’t break down and leave you stranded.  Why not treat your body well, also?  If you follow the aforementioned healthy eating tips, it will be a cinch. After all, you’ll be using your body a lot longer than just for a few road trips!

Author Bio: Linda Allen is the editor for Ms Career Girl. She and the other guest and regular columnists serve up a menu of all things of interest to career women, whether at home, on the road, or at work.

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