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Who Is RoverPass? is an online platform which allows RVers to easily send reservation request to RV parks and campgrounds across the country.

Customers can search for properties and send multiple reservation requests in under 1 minute.

By making the reservation process simpler for consumers we also make it easier for RV parks and campgrounds to have business directed towards them.

Easily search for RV parks and send reservations in less than 1 minute

How Does Work? takes the whole reservation process and reduces it to 5 easy steps for the customer:

  1. Create a RoverPass Profile– Customers create a profile so all RV parks can get the same information about them and their rig without repeating info (takes less than 2 minutes)
  2. Search a Location– Half the screen shows an easy to read map with all the parks in that area. The other half provides property listings with pictures of the parks.
  3. Pick Properties– Customers look through the listings to see reviews and amenities provided (like showers, water and electricity hook ups, wifi, etc.)
  4. Send Reservation Requests– Customers use RoverPass’ reservation technology to send requests with profile information (like type of vehicle) to multiple properties to increase the chances of finding a spot
  5. Receive Responses from Properties– Properties receive requests from customers and reach out to them directly to confirm reservations

How Does This Help RV Parks And Campgrounds?

  1. Being featured in the RoverPass listings allows for parks and campgrounds to be more visible to consumers who usually pay around $30 per day for full services at properties
  2. RoverPass automatically sends hot leads to properties for FREE
  3. Properties receive a reservation request from a potential customer and simply need to reach out to that person and confirm or pass on the reservation

Want More RV Leads?

Sign up for RoverPass (it’s free), simply go  A RoverPass representative will get back to you to ensure your park’s set up in the platform. While you’re at it, consider giving customers a discount through RoverPass’ Discount Club Pass.  Parks which give a discount typically get more interest than those who do not.  For any other questions feel free to reach us at

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The RoverPass Reservation Management System is built to help you save time and money with cloud-based reservation management software. Accept reservations online, over the phone, or in-person and track your availability in one central system.