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Send Multiple RV Park Reservation Requests In Less Than A Minute!


The Problem With Making RV Park Reservations

Making a reservation at a RV park or campground can be time consuming and frustrating.


Does this experience sound familiar?

  1. First, you have find a nearby RV park from the dozens of online directories, or even worse, by looking through an outdated paper directory
  2. Then you have to search through each location’s website to find the availability, park reviews, and rig size limitations
  3. After all that research you have to then find phone numbers for potential properties and call each one at a time to check for availability
  4. No one picked up?  Now wait for a call back. If they do pick up, you have to repeat all of your information to each person you call.

All that research and park hunting can take 30 minutes or more just for a single park.

The Easier Way To Make RV Park Reservations

With RVers can search for properties and send multiple reservation requests in under 1 minute! takes the whole reservation process and reduces it to 5 easy steps.

  1. Create a RoverPass Profile– This ensures RV parks get the correct information about you and your rig without repeating info (takes less than 2 minutes)
  2. Search a Location– Half the screen shows an easy to read map with all the parks in that area. The other half provides property listings with pictures of the parks.
  3. Pick Properties– Look through the listings to see reviews and amenities provided (like showers, water and electricity hook ups, wifi)
  4. Send Reservation Requests– Use RoverPass’ reservation technology to send requests with profile information (like type of vehicle) to multiple properties to increase the chances of finding a spot
  5. Receive Responses from Parks– Sit back and let the properties do all the work to set up reservations
See both a listing of properties in a location and an area map

  The Benefits of RoverPass

  1. Send Multiple Reservation Requests In Less Than 1 Minute
  2. Get RV Parks Calling You To Confirm Reservations
  3. Find Multiple RV Parks In A Desired Area In Seconds
  4. Choose RV Parks By Desired Amenities
  5. Read Park Reviews & Images

What Can We Do To Help You? Please Tell Us In The Comments

Our goal at RoverPass is to make booking RV parks simple, but we can’t do that with out your feedback.

Please let us know in the comments what we can do to help RV reservations easier.

Tell us things like:

  • Your #1 frustration with making reservations now?
  • How often do you book from online?

  What The RoverPass Site Looks Like



See property details and send a reservation request
View amenities and customer reviews
Find nearby properties


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The RoverPass Reservation Management System is built to help you save time and money with cloud-based reservation management software. Accept reservations online, over the phone, or in-person and track your availability in one central system.



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