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Funny Family Videos: Making RV Memories Last Forever6 min read

Did you know that there is an official Parents’ Day? It falls at the end of July. But you don’t have to wait for this little-known “holiday” to roll around to show your folks how much you appreciate them. Every day, there are a million little ways to show moms and dads how much they mean to you. Funny family videos are easy to make, they’re sentimental and entertaining. They also capture all those little moments and RV memories you hope to never forget.

Check out these videos, jokes, and funny stories by and for parents.   

Have a Bear-y Good Time Together

It’s great when the family can experience something amazing together, like seeing a full-grown grizzly in his natural habitat. What’s not so great is when that grizzly tries to take a bite out of the camper and the kids think that’s the most hilarious thing ever. At least this family will always have this amazing wildlife moment to share.

Show Your Appreciation

You may not remember this now, but back when your head was small enough to fit in a camel’s mouth, dad was there to keep your skull from becoming a snack. Don’t believe us?

Not only weren’t you worried, but you thought it was the funniest thing ever. In fact, you and dad had a big laugh about the whole thing. Mom, on the other hand, was frantically searching through the glove box looking for some antiseptic.

When we’re little kids, mom and dad are our heroes. When we get a little older, we realize that they’re just like us. 

Family Sing-Along

Does your family have a favorite song? Maybe you should get one. A recent autumn day in Russia a bear picked up the scent of some irresistible pork shashlik. The bachelor found himself face-to-face with a family of singing campers. Park rangers tell us to pull out all the bells and whistles when a bear appears on the trail. This family opted to sing loud and proud. It worked!

 Whistle While You Drive

Do you want to get a case of the “awwwws?” Check out this video of an African gray whistling while he travels. When this dad’s human daughter came across this video, she knew she needed to share it with the world.

For “Indoors-y” Parents

I’m what you would call “indoorsy,” said comedian and dad of five, Jim Gaffigan, in his King Baby standup special. As if he isn’t funny enough without sleeping outdoors, the comic went on a family camping trip and did not see the appeal.

“Why are we even camping where there are wild animals? That wouldn’t be a selling point for anything else. ‘Oh, it’s a beautiful golf course. Plus, around the ninth hole, there’s a pack of wolves. If they start running at you, just play through.”

You can watch the entire four-minute segment here.

RV Life is a Beach

Life on the road with kids is not always a walk in the park. So take some pointers from these mini RVers and put out a few lawn chairs. The laughs last until around the 30-second mark. 

Daddy’s Little Helper

After the little ones pack up their camping gear and come inside, the older kids are having some laughs at dad’s expense (dads love that!). At one particularly stressful moment, the family fifth-wheel holds up traffic in every direction. Even the family poodle tries to lend his two cents. 

Funny Family Videos for the Dogs

Late one evening, Sadie signaled to her pops that she needed a bathroom break. Bob let her out of the rig, but remembered a moment too late that without a leash, Sadie would disappear into the dark night. While waiting for her by the fire, Bob heard commotion from a nearby campsite.

The next morning, a stream of campers said hello to Sadie – but not Bob. When he asked how the group how they knew his pooch, he got a most unexpected answer.

On her way back to the RV the previous night, Sadie came across a large male sleeping in a lawn recliner. In shape and size – and especially in the dark – he bared a striking resemblance to Bob, whom she often naps with on their lawn recliner. Sadie hopped onto the sleeping man’s belly. The surprise nearly gave him a heart attack. His friends said, “he squealed like a little girl” and overturned the recliner, face-planteding onto the sod.

Before Sadie headed back to her own RV, the men read her name off her dog tags.


If you want to be included in our next parents-day appreciation roundup, boot up those video clips right now!


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