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Funny Family Movies: What to Watch on the Road In Your RV6 min read

Family RV Movies

We picked out six funny family movies for you to watch with the entire clan in your RV. Either pull up a chair at home and compare Ben Stiller, Lucille Ball, and Robin Williams’ on-screen hijinx to your own family’s or watch when you need a break from logging hours on the road.

Best Funny Family Movies

1. The Long, Long Trailer (1955) – A 1950s on-the-road honeymoon 


In order to accommodate her new husband’s traveling job, Tacy Collini (Lucille Ball), pleads with on-and-off-screen spouse, Nicky Collini (Desi Arnaz), to purchase a trailer so that she can take care of him on the road. Instead of “living out of suitcases and using other people’s things,” Tacy and Nicky purchase an RV. This film on our list of funny family movies is directed by Vincente Minnelli, best known for being dad to Liza and, at the time, recent ex-spouse of Judy Garland (Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz). This golden-age-of-Hollywood flick is a hilarious story that highlights the struggles of a new marriage and RVing, as well as the compromises that eventually make it work. The Collini’s take many wrong turns on their journey, and so we wish you better luck in your travels than this oddball pair.

The long long trailer movie premier

Movie TriviaThe film features a 32-foot New Moon RV from 1953. The coach was redesigned for laughs, specifically the sunken living room that Arnaz takes a fall in.

2. The Incredibles (2004) – A jet-setting family “off-road” trip


The Incredibles is about an ordinary family with extraordinary abilities that tries to live as normal a life as possible. However, when the super villain, Syndrome, threatens the safety of the Incredible family, the Incredibles are forced to cast away their inhibitions and come together to save the day. Instead of a natural born superhero, Syndrome creates gadgets to feign power, and then attempts to convince the public that he is more powerful than Mr. Incredible. No heroic family is complete without their trusty RV, which Mrs. Incredible attaches to a jet for speedy travel. See the clip below.  

3. Meet the Fockers (2004)RVing family with an overbearing in-law


This comedy has a surprisingly funny cast consisting of Hollywood veterans, including Robert De Niro, Barbra Streisand, Dustin Hoffman, and Blythe Danner. It’s a must see because of Jack’s (De Niro) dry sense of humor towards his son-in-law Greg (played by the reliably funny, Ben Stiller). Jack is protective of the Byrnes family legacy and doesn’t want a “chink in the chain,” which makes him hyper critical with his daughter’s spouse. Other highlights include Jack’s cat flushing the Byrnes’ dog down the toilet, causing even further strain on the the blended families.

Meet the Fockers RV

Movie Trivia: The front portion of the Byrnes’ Fleetwood Pace Arrow motorhome was on display at the film’s Hollywood red-carpet premier. At the after-party, A-list guests were able to tour a full-sized version.

4. We’re the Millers (2013) – Road trip with a twist


David, a small town pot dealer, is robbed of his stash and money. He takes an assignment to smuggle marijuana from Mexico into the United States and hatches a plan to fabricate an RVing family as cover. We’re the Millers is downright hilarious and sheds new light on family RVers, obnoxious RV neighbors, and navigating foreign territory. 

Movie Trivia: Real-life RVers have pointed out that a Miller family member would have to ride inside the chain-pulled motorhome to apply the brake on hills and downgrades. And also, the Millers’ RV does not have roll-down windows.

5. RV (2006) – RVer family with a few rebellious teens

Original Cinema Quad Poster - Movie Film Posters

This is the quintessential film to watch before taking your teens RVing. It combines Robin Williams’ witty humor with a story that leaves you laughing in your captain’s chair. Bob (Williams) is frustrated with media overload and lack of face-to-face communication. So he takes his family on an RV trip that should bring everyone closer together. Sound like your family? Maybe an RV road trip is what you need to unplug. Robin Williams, Jojo Levesque, Josh Hutcherson, and Cheryl Hines star in this family-friendly comedy. This film’s charm is best summed up in scenes packed with hilarious physical comedy, like Williams running over mailboxes and chasing a raccoon from the vehicle.


Movie Trivia: Six Georgetown 359 TS Munro RVs by Forest River were purchased to film the movie. In a radio interview, Jeff Daniels said that when he arrived to his first driving lesson in his personal RV, he received an automatic “pass.” If director Barry Sonnenfeld had his way, the movie would have starred a 1948 vintage Flexible Clipper.

6. Spaceballs (1987) – Heroes go on a  mission to save the day and the Schwartz

funny family movies

In this parody of the Star Wars franchise, Lone Starr (Bill Pullman) and Barf (John Candy) are on a mission to save Princess Vespa (Daphne Zuniga) and also stop Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis) from stealing Planet Druida’s supply of breathable air. Lone Starr reluctantly accepts the dangerous operation due to his debt to Pizza the Hutt (voiced by Dom DeLuise). Lone Starr and Barf roam the galaxy in a Winnebago called Eagle 5. Mel Brooks, who plays the villainous President Skroob, also wrote and directed this silly but gut-splittingly funny sendup.

spaceballs RV park

Movie Trivia: The Eagle 5 sports a bumper sticker that reads: I [heart] Uranus. George Lucas gave his blessing under one condition: no merchandising was permitted. While Rick Moranis originally agreed to do Spaceballs III: The Search for Spaceballs II, no sequel was ever greenlit. 


What are your favorite funny family movies? Comment below!

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