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How Full-Time RVing Changes Your Daily Mindset3 min read

Full-time RVer, Diann, shares how RVing changes your daily mindset and routines. 

After living in stick and brick homes all of our lives, we’ve adjusted well to full-time RVing. We’ve only been at it six weeks but the adjustment has been incredibly easy so far. 

Prior to hitting the road, friends who had been full-time Rvers in the past, suggested we establish a routine after settling in—whether for a few days or extended periods. Having dogs helped make that happen.

RVing Changes Your Daily Mindset
Photos from Diann and Dan

Our mornings start with a trip outside with our two girls. They get their treats while we have our much needed coffee. Going from Central Standard Time to Mountain Time, we gained a couple of hours. Unfortunately, our dogs didn’t know these time rules… nor did the sun. It rises at 5am as does our four-legged family, which means we’re up whether we want to be or not.

After we’ve had a couple of cups of coffee, we take the girls for a long walk and playtime in the dog park at our RV resort. We once had the luxury of a backyard so the pups could go out unsupervised. RV living changed that. In Arizona now, we’re preparing to leave soon for cooler temperatures, and while not all parks are the same, exercise for ourselves and our girls will continue no matter where we go.

When we owned an RV in the past, it was strictly used for vacation so whenever we took it out, it was for exploring an area and doing something every day/hour until we loaded back up and went home.

Since I left my 40+ hour per week job right before we got on the road, I’ve had to adjust my mindset from being “on” all the time to slowing down, or stopping to smell the roses, as the saying goes. It may sound crazy, but doing nothing is much harder than you think. I’ve had to remind myself that full-time RV living doesn’t mean you need to go somewhere every day.

That realization is probably one of my biggest adjustments. Now, when the weather gets too hot to be outside in the Arizona desert, I’m grateful for our TV, the numerous games we have on board, my Kindle and Audible.com books, and my laptop and tablet.

Many may say that’s not real camping and they’d be correct. For us, we purchased our RV in order to live a similar life to what we had in our house, though incredibly down-sized, and with the freedom of moving to any location we care to see with all the comforts of home. The RV lifestyle we’ve chosen may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it certainly has worked for us.

Safe travels!

Diann Bayes - RV LifeArticle by Diann Bayes 

Diann is a full-time RVer who runs her own travel blog, Eccentric Nomads. She also writes a weekly series of articles for RoverPass, offering her inside tips and advice for first-time RVers. 

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