Employee Spotlight: Welcome Our New Business & Data Analyst, Joel Berner5 min read

“What I love about RoverPass is that, similar to Airbnb, their primary focus is on maximizing the experience for both the owner and consumer…” – Joel Berner

RoverPass is excited to announce one of the newest members of our team, Joel Berner, formerly of!

Previously, he worked on creating pricing models that suggested the best prices for homeowners to list their properties for. He comes to RoverPass to increase the organization’s focus on data analytics in order to continue to enhance a product that works best for our users.

His general responsibilities include data analysis, working directly with campgrounds to create reports for their needs, financial forecasting, and helping campgrounds with implementing new programs such as our industry-leading Stimulus Program.

Let’s learn more about him and his work in this short interview:

RP: Hey, Joel, welcome to the team. We’re so happy to have you! Tell us about your background so that the folks at home can know more about you.

Joel: Hi, I’m really excited to be here and to help our campgrounds manage their businesses better. And sure, I have a strong background in Economics. I graduated from UT and Baylor University with a Bachelor’s in Economics and Mathematics.

After that, I spent some time at and working with homeowners directly to help them get the most out of their property rentals. I’m also an adjunct professor of Economics at St. Edward’s.

RP: Sounds like we have a math genius at the company! Tell us how that experience at those two companies will help our campground owners going forward?

Joel: Well, I spent a lot of time helping owners identify what was unique to their specific properties. What’s important to them, what kind of constraints they have, and how we can cater to their needs while building a product that’s based on maximizing the consumer’s experience.

Doing this allowed us to help them to build real-time pricings models, predict revenue, and maximize earnings based on offers, dates, etc. Similarly, this sort of work will allow us to help campground owners earn more both directly and indirectly.

RP: Awesome. Can you go into a little more detail about that? How does that translate to your day-to-day?

Joel: On the day-to-day, I will bring data together and make it usable for campground owners and RoverPass. I will help them answer questions like, “How often do campers search for long-term stays on the platform?”

We’ll be able to present owners with our findings and say, “Hey, this is what we know. This is the behavior of potential campers on the site. Here’s what you can change in your booking process to attract and retain them.”

We’ll be able to assist with revenue management and help them set different pricing for the day-to-day and adjust for dates that can potentially help them earn more, including comparing their rates to nearby competitors and more. The possibilities are endless.

RP: We’re sure our campground owners will definitely appreciate that. It goes along well with our overall mission to provide the best tools and resources for better campground management. Whether that’s from our Reservation Management System (RMS), our blog, or in-house employees such as yourself, Joel.

But speaking of “missions,” what would you say yours is here at RoverPass?

Joel: Good question. My goal or mission is really to help people in the company and the campground’s we work with to really lean on data available and to use it to make good, data-driven decisions the standard.

RP: Sounds great. Now, last question, and we’ll let you get back to work! Tell us about Joel outside of the office. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Joel: When I’m not working, I like practicing my saxophone (when my neighbors leave for work), and playing disc golf, going camping (hey, I work at RoverPass). Really just anything outdoors!

RP: That’s cool, Joel. With all of the musicians we have here, we should definitely be thinking of starting a RoverPass band! Thanks so much for taking the time to sit down with us, Joel. We can’t wait to see the big things you do here and how campgrounds will benefit.

Interested in how RoverPass can help your campground boost profits, save time, and increase occupancy all at no cost to you? Shoot us an email at or schedule a demo here.

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