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Case Study: RV Park at the Bridge3 min read

Theresa and her husband Preston use RoverPass to help make managing their fourth business a breeze, saving them time and money!

  • Park Name: RV Park At The Bridge
  • Location: Chinook, WA
  • Using RoverPass Since: November 2017
  • Results: Saved 3 hours a week normally spent in office

On top of managing three other business, owning an RV Park wasn’t exactly on Theresa and Preston Devers’ list of things to do. Before it became their life, home and fourth business, RV Park At The Bridge in Chinook, Washington, was the Devers’ vacation destination of choice for over a decade.

“Well, we’ve been coming to this RV park for a number of years, and the owners got to know us and knew that with my hospitable nature and my husband’s skill sets with regards to outdoor construction, that we would be able to get this park up and running in good shape,” Theresa Devers said. “We’re excited about this next venture. It’s sort of a working retirement.”

As newcomers to campground management, Theresa and Preston knew how to run a business, but managing reservations was another thing. The Devers were handed an RV Park with no website nor a way for online reservations. Stretched thin, they were searching for a solution, and that’s when they met their new friends at RoverPass. Overnight, RV Park At The Bridge went from virtually un-discoverable to accepting reservations online through their very own RoverPass listing.

“As new owners that we were just going to set up our own website and pay, which [RoverPass] saved me from having to do, nevermind the headache,” Theresa said. “I love the Book Now button. It’s such a simple, easy form for people to use. That it made it such an easy process.”

According to Theresa, not only did accepting online reservations increase the volume of reservations, new features such as Instant book promise to reduce losses in revenue.

“If I don’t catch the reservation email right at that moment, somebody could drive away and I would lose revenue.” Theresa said, “ I love that with [Instant book], I can block out the times that are high traffic times and then low reserved times so I know I have open sites.”

With reservations taken care of, Theresa and Preston can enjoy some more of their free time when they aren’t focused on improving their park and keeping their guest happy.

“[Now], I have time to go get my mani pedi, [and a] little bit more time for leisure and for self care. Theresa said. “RoverPass has reduced my stress and workload a lot. I didn’t have to recreate the wheel, you guys do what you guys do best, so I can do what I do best.”

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The RoverPass Reservation Management System is built to help you save time and money with cloud-based reservation management software. Accept reservations online, over the phone, or in-person and track your availability in one central system.