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Blogger Spotlight: Outside Our Bubble3 min read

David and Brenda Bott had a 4,200-square-foot house on 4 acres of land complete with three home theaters in beautiful western New York. They had wonderful friends and enviable jobs.

To this day people still ask them why they left it all behind.


The romantic image of running off into the sunset–or the harsher notion of simply just running away–aren’t foreign concepts to full-time RVers. Ask anyone who has been on the road for a few months, a few years or a few decades what made them book a one-way trip to anywhere and everywhere and you’ll quickly realize that you’re not the first to pose the question.

But, why does anyone do anything?

David and Brenda have a simple answer: You can’t travel forever so you might as well do it while you can. After David suffered a mini stroke, the couple took stock of their lives and decided to make the road their new home.


In 2013, they committed to traveling full-time and made the road their official home.

David and Brenda are a great example of a recently emerging trend that makes full-time RVing not only possible but profitable. With their car in tow, their spacious rig (and some loveable cats) they work remotely thanks to Wi-Fi friendly RV parks and a few useful tricks.

Before embarking on their current adventure, David acted as a director of network operations and founded several successful websites based on digital broadcasting, television and home theater forums–a few of which he still owns. Brenda worked previously as a medical secretary and in human resources for an electronics store. While David now works from the comfort of their constantly roving home on wheels, Brenda handles all of the bookkeeping and accounting that comes along with their ventures. They live on a budget, but they don’t have to miss out on sightseeing, shopping, restaurants and all of that other good stuff that comes with travel.


Their blog, Outside Our Bubble, is a friendly, engaging look into their life on the road and their thoughts on travel with plenty of useful tips and tricks along the way. They write product reviews on relevant gear for RVers (everything from space saving vacuums to fire extinguishers that put out flames with foam). They also write helpful reviews of RV parks across the country, and you know you can trust these two considering they’ve been to 26 states and counting. Along the way they capture life from not just the road but the air thanks to their video work with drones, including this awesome one shot above Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.


There’s a lot to love about their posts, videos and general musings on life. Whether you’re an RV enthusiast yourself, an aspiring one or just somebody who dreams about selling your house, quitting your job and going wherever the wind blows you, David and Brenda are an inspiration.

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  1. I’m a new independent rep for CR Spotless Water Systems. I watched your video. Any follow-on thoughts on the DIC-20 you used. Still using it? Did you change the plastic fittings; did you add a diverter valve; did you get the long spray nozzle wand to reach the top?
    I’m planning to be in Buffalo, NY in early August

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