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5 Surprising Countries for Your Next Camping Trip4 min read

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Camping is one of the most visceral, wonderful ways to travel. Nothing beats experiencing the outdoors, close to nature, and among local wildlife. Plus when you go on a camping trip, you help support national parks around the world – ensuring that travelers young and old can continue to experience the amazing natural beauty of the world.

Staying active while traveling, especially for extended travel periods, can be one of the first things to fall by the wayside. Another major benefit of camping on your travels is the close proximity to hikes, water sports like canoeing, and mountain sports such as climbing or bouldering.

Strap on your boots, grab your tent and prepare for the camping experience of a lifetime!

Here are some can’t miss multi-day camping experiences around the world that avid campers shouldn’t miss:

Best Countries for  Camping Trip


Base Camp Trek – Everest, Nepal

We’ll start with the jugular. This famous trek is a classic bucket list item for outdoorsy types and hiking enthusiasts. The trek to Everest base camp is extremely challenging, but doable for those with basic physical fitness, which is part of its appeal. Even the “everyman” can achieve the feat of reaching Base Camp – past which only a handful of trekkers have ventured. Reaching base camp makes you a part of their legacy. While this trek is open to all, it is ill-advised to attempt without doing some training first.

Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

Hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro is a treat for the senses, pushes limits, and allows you to experience the African landscape in a completely unique way. On this climb, you’ll be led by an experienced local guide who will be able to share cultural nuances and knowledge of the surrounding area. One of the best parts of planning a camping trek in Tanzania is the option to bookend with a safari!

Torres del Paine Circuit – Patagonia

The otherworldly landscape of Patagonia has begun to grow in popularity among travelers. This circuit trek is relatively easy, and can be extended or cut short depending on how strenuous of a camping and hiking experience you’re after. Because of this, this is a popular destination for amateur multi-day hikers, and families. Many private guided tours offer Patagonia visits, allowing you to get away from it all with very few humans around.

Trail to Machu Picchu – Peru

There are 3 main trails you can hike to get to Machu Picchu, including of course the most famous the Inca Trail. The treks all vary in length, typically between 3-5 days. You will camp along the way in the stunning Peruvian mountains, and pass old ruins on your way to the Lost City at Machu Picchu. This is an ideal camping destination for history buffs. As with most of these hikes, prepare accordingly for camping in altitude. It will get cold at night, and the air is thin.

Laugavegur Trek – Iceland

Camping in Iceland, a country where the outdoors and adventure, is where it’s at, is a fantastic experience. Prepare to rough it – facilities in Iceland are still a bit like the wild west, though, with the massive influx of tourism they’ve experienced over the past decade, this is changing rapidly. The Laugavegur trek is one of the best (and only of the only established – ie legal) ways to see Iceland on foot. If you’re into feeling dwarfed by a landscapes beauty and extreme topographical changes as you walk through – this is the camping experience for you.

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