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7 Unique, Innovative and Luxurious RV and Camper Models4 min read

When it comes to choosing an RV home, there are thousands of models to choose from. Most folk go with a traditional model – something fuel efficient, space efficient and meant for long-term living and comfort. However, just because those models are the most popular, doesn’t mean there aren’t other options. For those of you who dig on the fun, creative, wacky and weird – we’ve got a few examples of RV models that may strike your fancy.

The Recycled Airplane Camper

airplane camper

Ever wonder how planes get recycled? This little jet jewel was for sale on Craigslist in Texas recently. They gutted the inside and got it ready for sale, but it still needed some remodeling.

The Marshmallow RV

Vintage RV

We don’t know the real name for this hip vintage ride, so we call it the Marshmallow (but you can name it what you like). If style and the quaint, simple life appeal to you, one of these vintage trailer and RV models will strike your fancy.

The EarthRoamer (Model: XV-JP)

jeep wrangler camper

Life of luxury isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you want to go off-roading or sleep in the wild as opposed to the typical RV Park, but keep your electricity and comfort, this little camper has your back. This weatherproof model (built for a Jeep Wrangler) contains a queen size bed, solar powered electricity and an engine-heated water tank! You wouldn’t need external power or water hookups, so you can literally live off-the-grid.

Colim Caravan

colim caravan RV

The RV life is truly re-imagined with hyper-modern models like the Colim Caravan. “Colim” literally meaning “color in motion,” this new design truly looks like the future!

The EleMMent Plazzo Superior

Superior RV

If you think the name is long, just wait till you see the price. This is one of (if not THE) most expensive RVs in the world. The ultimate luxury travel vehicle, this model is valued at upwards of $3M – for good reason. It comes complete with heated floors, flat-screen TVs, a rooftop terrace, walls that automatically lift, temperature controls, built-in air filtration, beds made from the same company that sells to the British royal family and more! Comfort and luxury at it’s finest. Dreamy, isn’t it?

Verdier’s Solar-Powered Camper


Are you a nature-loving, free spirited, gypsy wanderer on a mission to explore the world without leaving a huge environmental footprint? If yes, then this eco-RV will make all your wanderlust hippie dreams come true! This model has a hybrid engine, solar-power panels, and built in high-tech solutions for GPS, music and web browsing. The best part? It’s styled after the nostalgic VW Westfalia!

Rolling Stone RV

rollingstone RV

Have you always dreamed of living it up like the Jetsons, in world of shiny floating homes? This is about as close as we can get to that; a “Rolling Stone” RV with reflective exterior. A gypsy wagon of sorts, this traveling stone is self-sustainable with a wind turbine and a built-in water reservoir capsule on top. It’s even made from recycled materials and can fit up to 6 people! Time to find out how it REALLY feels to be on your own, “like a rolling stone.”


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