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6 Celebrity RV Owners: They’re just like Us…If we were Millionaires!5 min read

There are celebrity RV owners that have a lifestyle that is perfect for on-the-road living (we’re looking at you McConaughey), while other celebrities don’t seem like the type. We wanted to check out today’s noted actors, models, and musicians that are known for keeping the most tricked-out and expensive RVs we’ve ever seen. Then there are the McConaughey’s, who have an RV that anyone could afford to live in.

Celebrity RV Owners Who Have Been Spotted On the Road

Matthew McConaughey

6 celebrity rv owners

In 2005, Matthew McConaughey spent a month in his decked-out Airstream trailer, called “the Canoe.” At the time, he was on the road promoting his movie Sahara. When he’s not working, it appears that McConaughey enjoys being on the road for long periods of time and journaling about his adventures — especially when he can bring his wife and kids for some quality bonding time.

Matthew McConaughey Celebrity RV OwnerUnlike some of the state-of-the-art appliances you will find in rigs owned by his Hollywood peers, McConaughey has less extravagant, down-to-earth approach to his RV’s interior design. That’s not to say that the Canoe is lacking in extravagances. The kitchen exceeds expectations for this size trailer and is equipped with a stove, blender, oven and sink. 

McConaughey Celebrity RV Owner
In 2008, Architectural Digest interviewed McConaughey about his career and photographed the actor’s RV, the Canoe.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani - Celebrity RV Owner

Most of us know Gwen Stefani as the lead singer of the mid-80s to 1990s pop band, No Doubt. These days, Stefani concentrates on a variety of projects, like her recent hosting and mentoring duties for The Voice, and as a clothing designer whose design skills are easily noticeable in her chic RV interior.

Stefani Celebrity RV Owner

The trailer’s color scheme is metallic-gray and white, and it has marble flooring and countertops. In the living room there are three large, cozy sofas. A special feature of Stefani’s lounge-on-wheels is the wine chiller. When the entertainer craves some down time, she takes refuge on her queen, adjustable number bed in the master bedroom.

Jake Owen


Country singer, Jake Owen, loves bringing his lazy English bulldog, Merle, along for the ride in his 52-foot RV. The crooner has custom light-up bottle holders that help keep spirits from sliding around while the RV is in motion, and he has a refrigerated tap for ice cold beer on demand. Owen says that he has been known to trade free concert tickets in exchange for a keg of the local brew. Special features include a pull-out sleeper sofa, a retro fridge, six sleeping bunks, and a walk-in closet.

Owen RV

These Celebrity RV Owners Are Known for Working Out of their RVs

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey Works out of her RV

Mariah Carey is the proud owner of one of the largest, two-story RVs out there. It is so large, one designer calls it a “skyscraper on wheels.” The towering RV is designed with more than two tons of marble and stone. On the first floor, there’s a full-size makeup mirror and in an adjacent 600-square-foot lounge, a 65-inch big-screen TV with studio-grade sound system. On each side of Carey’s “quaint” rig, there’s a 25-foot and 35-foot slide out wall.

Mariah Carey's RV lounge and dance club.
Mariah Carey’s RV lounge and dance club.

The roof of the second story pops up to reveal an instant lounge with a 35-foot wrap-around sofa. On opposite sides of the room are 60-inch flatscreen TVs. One of the most enviable features of Carey’s RV is the humongous, walk-in kitchen with a double-burner stovetop, confection microwave, and sub-zero fridge. In total, the pop icon’s RV cost $1.8 million!

Lee Brice Brice RV

Country singer, Lee Brice, has an RV that is decked out in an elegant industrial/homey theme, with elegant, reclining white chairs and blond hardwood floors. Instead of a full sized refrigerator, Brice opted for refrigerated drawers, which frees-up some counter space and makes extra room for a countertop wet bar. Visitors have the option of bedding down in a spacious, air-conditioned condo bunk or standard-sized bunks.  

Cooling drawers make space for a countertop wet bar.
Cooling drawers make space for a countertop wet bar.

Heidi Klum 

Klum and daughter
Heidi Klum enjoying nature with her daughter.

Heidi Klum’s RV is the only celebrity motorhome that exclusively uses solar energy to power the vehicle’s electrical system. The supermodel’s design style is reminiscent of a five-star hotel suite and features an eco-friendly carpet, recycled wood accents (like her desktop), and a low-heat emitting lighting system.

Klum's desktop is made from recycled wood.
Klum’s desktop (left corner) is made from recycled wood.

No supermodel’s coach would be complete without a world class salon and wardrobe.

Klum's "RV Salon."
Klum’s “RV Salon.”

In the words of David Wooderson, portrayed by Matthew McConaughey in 1993’s Dazed and Confuzed, these RVs are “Alright, alright, alright.”


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