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5 Reasons to RV with Kids5 min read

5 Reasons to RV with Kids

5 Reasons to RV with Kids

Haley Hobson, RV owner and mother of three, gives all the moms and dads out there 5 reasons to RV with kids. 

Anyone with kids will tell you that everyday life is a lot of work no matter what place you call home. Life on the road, whether full-time or part-time, presents plenty of obstacles for RVing families. Here are 5 reasons to RV with kids. There is much to consider and accommodate for when kids are involved—schooling, sleeping arrangements, changing routines, socialization, traveling schedule, etc. But most RVing families will tell you that every single hurdle is worth it to be able to share the RV experience with their family.

As a family with three young children, these are our top 5 reasons to RV with kids:

1. Adventure

RV with Kids
Photos from the Hobsons

Though my husband and I both traveled before kids, I pushed the idea of traveling to the back of my mind once we had kids–especially three little ones. When my husband proposed the idea of RVing around the country, I realized that this type of travel adventure fits our young family perfectly. Instead of sleeping in changing hotel rooms, our kids have their own familiar space even though the scenery outside changes every trip. RVing gives us easy access to adventure and exploration while still giving our kids stability and familiarity.

2. Freedom

Reasons to RV with Kids

It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago, we were tied down by a small business and a mortgage. Over the years, we’ve said no to many trips and adventures because my husband couldn’t leave his business. Oftentimes, I’d take the kids on trips with extended family but it was rare for my husband to go along.

We have since sold my husband’s business and our home in suburbia, and sought a life much different from the one we were living. We are embracing the newfound freedom and flexibility, are making up for all those missed vacations and adventures by using this next year to explore the U.S. in our RV.

3. Quality time

RV with Kids

Freedom goes hand in hand with quality time. We have enjoyed much more quality time as a family since my husband sold his business. He now has the flexibility to shape his workday around our family plans, be it last-minute RV trips during the middle of the week, a swim in the lake or a nearby hike. As a stay-at-home mom, I’ve been around for many of my kids’ firsts, but during our RV trips, we will be creating new firsts together as a family.

4. Our Kids Are Only Young Once

RVing with Kids

Over the past few years, many people have reminded me to enjoy this time with my kids, because they’re only young once. I absolutely agree, which is another reason why we’re kicking that philosophy up a notch and making the most of this year we have before our oldest child begins kindergarten. My kids may not remember all the details of all our RV trips, but this our adventures together during this time will surely shape their little minds forever.

5. We’re Only Young-ish Once

RVing with Kids

Not only are my kids young once, but the same can be said of my husband and I. Though I like to think we’ll always be active healthy people, the truth is we won’t be more active in 30 years at retirement age than we are right now in our mid-thirties. Right now, we’re used to running on the fumes of interrupted sleep, tending to sick kids and keeping up with their boundless energy. Right now, we exercise regularly and cook healthy meals. Right now, we’re flexible and adapt to whatever life throws our way.

For us, this is the perfect season of life for RVing, as we take one week at a time and adjust our travel plans as needed. Who knows where we’ll be in five years when all our kids are school-aged. No, we’re not certain where we’ll put down roots next and we don’t know the future of my husband’s businesses.

But we’re seizing the moment (or this next year) while we have it and RVing around the country with our three kids in tow. This is the year we focus on our family and explore the natural sights of this country, side by side.

Do you like Haley’s articles? Check out her bio below! You can also follow her travels on her blog, The Hobson Homestead


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