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10 Clever RV Jokes That Will Make You Laugh1 min read

The RV life can be pretty humorous on its own, but we figure there’s room for more jokes and laughter. These 10 clever RV jokes will surely make you laugh!

1) A classic “knock knock” RV joke

knock knock RV joke


2) One of the easier maintenance tasks for RV living

rv jokes


3) How RVers deal with people who tailgate them

RV Joke - tailgating an RVer

Eek! This will surely rid you of those hasty tailgaters.


4) The RV accessory struggle is real…

RV Joke


5) The “Husband of the Year” award goes to this guy:

RV Joke - husband and wife

Good luck getting back in the RV with her after this!


6) When your wife accidentally drives off without you…

RV Joke - wife forgets husband



7) How many of you can relate to this?

RV joke - shin bones and hitches



8) When your friends keep telling you that camping is better than RVing because they haven’t met this cute critter yet:

RV Joke - Raccoon stealing food


9) And if they still insist that camping is better than RVing, it’s because he hasn’t met this guy yet…

RV joke - Bear - soft tacos


10) When your friend doesn’t understand what’s so great about camping until they see this…

RV joke - camping in a teardrop trailer


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